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Additional Services

Our Additional Services:

Additional Services Grout Cleaning Additional Services

Laundry Rooms.
Laundry & ironing* (If washing machine is located outside of your apartment, please provide laundry bag or basket. If you have a few loads, please also provide a cart).
Laundry detergent.
Fabric softener.
Quarters / laundry card.
Starch spray.
Carpet Cleaning.

Additional Services Window Cleaning Additional Services


Oven Cleaning:

Brillo pads or SOS pads for scrubbing the inside & outside of the stove (not for Stainless Steel surfaces). Also for scrubbing racks, and pots & pans. Oven cleaner (spray/liquid) for cleaning baked-on grease on the inside of regular ovens and baked-on grease on oven racks (not for self-cleaning ovens). Floor protector (Large heavy trash bags / Plastic cover).


*These services must be specified when scheduling your appointment.