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Living Areas / Family Rooms

Living Room & Family Room Cleaning
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TCS Cleaning Service knows that the living room is a popular area in your home, and one of the most difficult to keep neat and tidy. Here, your family will congregate throughout the day. Guests will most likely spend a good bit of time in the living room as well. By staying on top of living room clutter and dust, you can keep this popular living space prepared for whoever may arrive.

Living Areas Family Rooms Cleaning Living Areas / Family Rooms

All we do:

Everything is organized and put in its place.
Things on shelves and tables look nice.
Dusted All Shelves and Tables.
Dusted all Wall Decorations and Pictures.
Rugs are removed and Shaken out.
Window sills and Blinds are Dusted (and Washed if necessary).
Ceiling fan is Dusted.
All reachable Baseboard are Dusted.
Cob Webs are removed.
Electronics are Dusted, Such as TV’s, etc.Living Areas Family Rooms Cleaning 2 Living Areas / Family Rooms
Fireplace is vacuumed.
Floor is Vacuumed, or Swept and Mopped.
Rugs are put back in place.
Trash is pulled.
Mirrors and Glass on Pictures are Cleaned.
Door Knobs and Light Switches are Sanitized.