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Office Cleaning Service

We have Experience in Cleaning Offices & Office Buildings

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Office Cleaning Service Office Cleaning ServiceWhether it is a single head office, medical practice, retail sales store or other commercial premises our aim is to do all we can to add to the professional, crisp and well-managed image you work hard to portray. We are passionate about cleaning and pride ourselves in ensuring that our clients’ premises look the best they possibly can. We listen to our clients’ needs and act upon their specific requirements.

We also provide advice on cleaning methods and levels to ensure the right result is attained and maintained throughout the contract period.

We use the most up to date equipment, materials and chemicals. We ensure that efficient practices are put in place at the start of each contract so that the cleaning operatives are immediately making a significant difference. This is done by Account Managers who have responsibility for ensuring the cleanliness of all clients’ sites. We ensure standards are maintained through regular audit reports, the use of cleaning supervisors and individual attendance checks. Clients have one point of contact at Grubbs Construction Cleaning, LLC or all Cleaning, Janitorial and Building Maintenance Service throughout Dallas Metroplex.

Office Services:

  • Clean interior glass as needed.
  • Dust accessible windowsills, baseboard and other flat surfaces.
  • Remove cob webs.
  • Wipe light switches, door handles, and doors.Office Cleaning Service 2 Office Cleaning Service
  • Vacuum all carpeted areas.
  • Clean and disinfect all toilets, sinks and vanities.
  • Clean counters, shelves, lights, light switches, mirrors and partitions.
  • Wash floors.
  • Tile Cleaning.
  • Dusting and wiping furniture.
  • Dusting and wiping fixtures.
  • Cleaning desk equipment.
  • Clean telephones.
  • Wipe all window sills with specially treated cloth.
  • Sweeping and mopping of floors.
  • Washing of water fountains and water coolers.
  • Refill soap and paper dispensers.
  • Empty waste baskets.
  • Dust all cleared surfaces of desks, file cabinets and other flat surfaces.
  • Vacuum cloth chairs, wipe arms/edges and chair bases as needed.
  • Reposition furniture as needed.
  • Clean inside of microwave.Office Cleaning Service 3 Office Cleaning Service
  • Clean coffeemaker and water cooler.
  • Cleaning of glass surfaces throughout office.
  • Vacuuming of all carpets in office.
  • Emptying and cleaning of all wastepaper baskets and other receptacles.
  • Removal of waste materials for sanitation pickup.
  • Clean outside of all appliances.
  • Wipe countertops.
  • Empty trash.
  • Carpet Cleaning.
  • Upholstery Cleaning.