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Dear Potential Customer:

With a husband currently deployed in Afghanistan and two little boys at home, keeping the house in order is a bit of a challenge. Imagine my surprise when my brother-in-law from Ireland asked if he and his family could come visit us for a couple of days. I could not figure out how I was going to get the house in order, on top of everything else. I asked friends and family if anyone could recommend a good cleaning service. A friend of mine spoke highly of TCS Cleaning Service. I immediately gave them a call.

Shemy came to my house the afternoon of my first call to see my home and provide me with an estimate. I was struck by how professional everything was from the reception of my initial call to his interaction with me in my home. It was top notch. By the end of the day, an estimate arrived via email and a cleaning date was quickly scheduled. Luis arrived with his cleaning staff as planned.

Every effort was made to meet my expectations. They did just that and more. My expectations were exceeded. I can say, with all certainty, my house had never been so thoroughly cleaned by me or any of the numerous other cleaning services I have used over the years. I would highly recommend TCS Cleaning Services to anyone looking for a highly professional and thorough cleaning service. This is not your average cleaning company. They may just be the best out there.

A sincere thank you Shemy.

Kind regards,

T S. – Highland Park, TX

Clients Testimonials
Total: 11 │Avg: 4.9 Rating: 98.18%

Great Company!


Clients Testimonials
Total: 11 │Avg: 4.9 Rating: 98.18%

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